Soumit Elastic Medical Silicone Gel Insole Plantar Fasciitis Heel Spur Running Sport Insoles Shock Absorption Pads for Men Women

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  • Made of medical grade silicone, integrated embossed design, supporting the arch and heel pain bit different symptoms, can improve and correct improper foot pressure situation and pressure dispersion for anyone Shi walking, climbing, sports and wearing work can provide superior shock absorption, excellent cushioning and lasting comfort, relieve foot pain and fatigue, three-dimensional pressure through decomposition, absorption foot, knee and back, etc. shock vibration parts, can effectively improve disease Achilles tendon, knee pain, back pain and suffering caused by spinal foot lesions and other symptoms. Super soft material, can alleviate diabetes foot sensitive skin ulcer pain; promote blood circulation foot.
  1. made of a soft medical silicone, with unloading force, pressure and shock-absorbing function
  2. The middle dot projecting transparent and effective massage Yongquan. Followed by a softer blue protective heel pain.
  • Effects: a comprehensive and balanced foot shock absorption design. Can effectively prevent and improve Achilles tendon pain, knee pain, back pain, and other symptoms of spinal lesions caused by foot suffering.
  • Recommended: This product is ideal for athletes, the elderly, long walking, standing, foot pain, flat feet and afraid torn skin infected patients. For most of the shoes
  • Features: Enhanced walking comfort, correct foot irregular activities, particularly in patients with flat feet, foot pressure dispersion reasonable.
  • Flatfoot: flatfoot is mainly due to some reason, the foot bone morphological abnormalities, muscle atrophy, contracture or chronic ligament strain caused by the elastic foot longitudinal arch collapse or disappearance caused by foot pain, also known as flat feet.
  • Its main causes are: (1) genetic factors; (2) congenital foot bone deformities; (3) trauma or chronic foot strain; (4) Foot intrinsic or extrinsic muscle strength is weak or paralysis, convulsions. Into postural and spastic flatfoot flatfoot clinical practice. When the main clinical manifestations of long standing or walking foot pain or discomfort, standing with valgus, flat foot, forefoot abduction, scaphoid tubercle swelling and tenderness, reduce the rest, the late development of spastic flatfoot, and can cause osteoarthritis complications. Some patients have a family history. The disease can occur in children and young adults, who are mostly congenital if symptoms occur after the age of 10, often due to a variety of injuries and fatigue, obesity induced by bilateral common. The disease focus on prevention, and more general non-surgical therapy can be effective, a few patients requiring surgery, can get better results. Most of those who are poor efficacy without formal treatment or associated complications, complications

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