Cool T-shirt facts👚👕

*While it might seem like common sense, once you think about it, most people don’t know that the “t-shirt” is named after the letter T that the shirt makes when unfolded;

*In 1939, the first promotional t-shirt was printed for the movie The Wizard of Oz;

*Up until the 1950s, t-shirts were not that popular. They were mainly considered to be an undergarment. Then along comes Marlon Brando and James Dean in movies like “A Streetcar Named Desire” and, suddenly, the t-shirt became a popular staple in our society:

*In the 1960s, t-shirts got even more of boost when rock and roll bands and professional sports teams started to print on t-shirts to sell. These shirts quickly became part of mainstream fashion, and some of those t-shirts are still popular today;

*The record for the most expensive t-shirt in the world is held by a French luxury clothing company Hermès. The tshirt costs $91,500 and is made from crocodile leather:

*China leads the world in cotton production. While the United States produces only 12.4 million bales of cotton a year, China produces 32 million, earning them the top spot among countries;

*Speaking of cotton production in the United States, there are 35,000 cotton farms in the U.S. and 95% of it is grown in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas;

*91% of Americans say that they have a favorite t-shirt in their wardrobe.

62% of Americans claim to own more than 10 t-shirts, which, when added together, is 1.5 billion t-shirts in the United States alone. 1.5 billion t-shirts could circle the globe 34 times:

*The Guinness World Record for wearing the most t-shirts at one time is held by a man from Sri Lanka for wearing 257 shirts at one time. The United States record is held by a man from Virginia, who wore 183 shirts at one time, ranging in size from small to 10XL.

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